Crushing code like it's my job, because it is.

I am a developer living and working in Brooklyn New York. I have been building websites for over 8 years. I am comfortable managing and architecting front end soloutions for any size project.

As someone who always strives for "Awesome", I can assure you that I have no time for fancy pants, sour attitudes, grumpy gusses, negative Nancy's, whiners, weiners, downers , frowners, and groaners. If you happen to fall into one of these categories I usually have the cure... more cowbell.

General Skills

My skills include HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Sass, Javascript/jQuery, React, Wordpress custom themeing and CMS. Some Node and Express with Mongo experience.

Templating & CMS

I have experience with most modern templating systems, Twig, Swig, EJS, Nunjacks, and Razor to name a few. I have worked with Sitecore, Pyro, and Keystone CMS systems.


Grunt, Gulp, Webpack for bundling assets. Static site generation with Harp and Wintersmith.

Now Playing Poorly

Street Fighter 5

This game most definitely postponed the launch of this site. Playing all Laura and Ken. Getting fully wrecked by 14 year old kids I am sure. See you at EVO this year!

Steam Profile

Now Listening

Norma Jean: Polar Similar

I have had this on repeat on Spotify for a week now and I am still not sick of it. The only track I ever skip is II.The People because it is just a bunch of noise. Aside from that track this might be one of my favorite records from these guys. I hope they roll through NY soon so I can see it live.

Now Whatevering

Online Drum lessons with Drumeo

Best service ever for any level of drummer. Tons of courses and live lessons every day. This is the best service I subscribe to on the internet today. I would give up Spotify before I gave this up.